Detailed Architectural Renderings

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Top 5 Reasons to use 88 Renders

  1. Fixed price service that delivers high quality architectural renderings
  2. More cost effective than in-house staff
  3. Quick turn-around of projects
  4. Expands your capabilities without expanding overhead
  5. Individualised to your style and taste plus your geographic location

Our Rendering Service

High quality architectural renderings are an indispensable tool for developers and designers. They can help secure project financing, attract project partners, build project credibility, support approval processes and negotiations and most importantly, help achieve early sales.

88Renders provides a wide range of architectural rendering services, however, we specialise in renderings of residential projects. We provide high quality, photo-realistic renderings and excellent value. We strive to offer a simple service, easily managed through our project management portal on Basecamp.

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Our Company

88renders is an architectural rendering service that produces interior and exterior visualisations providing a photo-realistic visual description of architectural projects.

88Renders was established by Michael Hund a Registered Architect with over 30 years experience in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia and William Hund, an Industrial Designer. Working in Asia since 1996, where photo-realistic rendering has always been of a very high quality, the founders are able to bring this quality of service to clients around the world in an easily managed process.

We strive to provide a low fixed price service which is achieved through a highly streamlined and efficient Project Management System and the skills of Chinese renderers and modellers. Basecamp is used to manage all aspects of these projects.

How We Work

1. Contact Us

Tell us about your project. We will tailor a solution to meet your needs.

2. Order & Pay 50% Project Fee Deposit

Complete the order form and pay a 50% deposit to get your project started.

3. Order Confirmation & Project Login

Your order will be confirmed on receipt of payment through Paypal and you will receive a link to our Project Management System.

4. Complete Brief & Upload Files

Login and upload your drawings and other materials (directions, material samples, etc).

5. Proofing

A model and a low-resolution render will be available for you to review and request changes as required.

6. Pay 50% & Deliver

Pay the remaining project fee and the final renderings will be available for your use. learn more...