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What is an Architectural Rendering?

An Architectural Rendering is the result of the process of taking 2D Cad drawings, creating a 3D computer model, applying textures and lighting, and specifying a view. The resulting 'picture' of the view is the rendering. Often additional details are added after the rendering, such as people and some objects. To view examples of our work please visit our gallery here.

An Outsourced Rendering Service

Architects, Interior Designers, Developers, and anyone interested in seeing quality realistic images of their designs can use 88renders services. There are many benefits to an outsourced service including:

  1. Reduced salary costs, or have more time for other work.
  2. Reduced overhead costs, including: hardware and software licences.
  3. Improved speed - We can deploy many modellers & renderers to a single project.
  4. Depending on where you are, we work while you sleep. Based in Shanghai, we can receive work at the end of your day, and deliver changes in the morning.
  5. Improve quality - 88renders is entirely focussed on architectural rendering, the staff we employ are experts in modelling, texturing, lighting and post production for architectural visualisation.
  6. Architects and designers on staff - 88renders also has architects and interior designers on staff to check designs, double check drawings and ensuring model and rendering quality.

What kinds of Architectural Renderings do 88renders create?

88renders produce architectural renderings for a variety of residential and commercial project types. For residential projects we produce interior renderings of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. Our residential experience includes everything from a single detached family house to large-scale apartment building developments. We produce renderings for commercial developments including: hotels, retail developments, office towers, industrial parks, etc. We also produce Master-plan renderings for larger scale developments like resorts, residential communities, and other urban plans.

What’s in a rendering?

  1. The rendering process starts with a 2d cad drawing. The client can either supply us with PDF’s or preferably DWG AutoCAD drawings.
  2. The plans and elevations taken from these drawings are imported into 3D Studio Max (3D modelling and rendering software).
  3. A 3D model is built (only the parts of the building visible in the rendering will be modelled).
  4. Materials, colours and textures are applied to the model’s surfaces.
  5. Lighting is applied. Interior models use the lighting specified in the ceiling plan. Exterior models use a variety of spot and global lighting.
  6. An initial rendering is now produced.
  7. Final touches are applied using Photoshop, before the rendering is finished and submitted to the client.
  8. The client can then request any changes.

What makes the 88renders service unique?

88renders is made up of a committed team of designers operating as an offshoot of an international architecture and design business. Our staff has many years of experience managing architectural rendering projects as part of our architecture practice. Having a base in Shanghai allows us keep our costs down while giving us access to an amazing pool of rendering and modelling talent.

Why use Architectural Renderings?

Architectural renders are used for 2 main purposes: as marketing collateral in advertising campaigns (i.e. roadside billboards, real-estate magazines), also to pitch designs to clients and get approval from authorities.

How much does it cost?

For general pricing information please visit our pricing page here. More specific pricing information can be found by on each of our services below:

How We Work

  1. Contact Us: Tell us about your project. We will tailor a solution to meet your needs.
  2. Order & Pay 50% Project Fee Deposit: Complete the order form and pay a 50% deposit to get your project started.
  3. Order Confirmation & Project Login: Your order will be confirmed on receipt of payment through Paypal and you will receive a link to our Project Management System.
  4. Complete Brief & Upload Files: Login and upload your drawings and other materials (directions, material samples, etc).
  5. Proofing: A model and a low-resolution render will be available for you to review and request changes as required.
  6. Pay 50% & Deliver: Pay the remaining project fee and the final renderings will be available for your use. learn more...

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