About 88renders

88renders is an outsourced architectural rendering service. We produce interior and exterior renderings of exceptional quality that are used to market architectural developments. Our talented designers and modellers produce renders for residential developments including apartment towers and houses, commercial developments including office towers and retail areas, and public buildings.

88renders is run by designers and architects from Australia and the United States, ensuring attention to detail, and quality of service. Our offices are located in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Shanghai, with production in Shanghai.

Architectural Rendering

The architectural rendering process is a painstaking and time-consuming process. It requires incredible attention to detail to ensure accuracy in the model, texturing and lighting. The post-render tweaking can also easily double the time and cost of production. 88Renders helps free your resources, and reduces your costs, while still delivering high quality and timely service.

Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing your architectural rendering projects has several benefits:

  • Lowers direct staff costs
  • Reduces overhead costs such as hardware and software
  • Fixed price service eliminates risk of budget blowout
  • Highest quality, our renderers are entirely focussed on rendering; it’s their profession, not a part-time interest

Working with 88renders

88renders provides a fixed price service through a streamlined production. We manage our services using Basecamp, an online project management system. There is a single quick and easy way to pay using Paypal. Our payment plan is simple, pay half the agreed fee to start, and the other half at completion.

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